The most beautiful cave hotels in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is located in central Anatolia, Turkey, and is a wonderful global destination that tops the list of many travelers from all over the world, thanks to its charming valleys, rock formations, and wonderfully interesting caves, as well as many beautiful rooms.

If you are planning a trip to this amazing city, you will not have to stay in an ordinary hotel. Alternatively, you can have an amazing stay in one of the cave hotels in Cappadocia carved among the enchanting landscapes, allowing you to experience the true culture and beauty of the region all at once.

ronin tourism - cave hotels in cappadocia

ronin tourism – cave hotels in cappadocia

The most beautiful cave hotels in Cappadocia

1) Phocas Cave Suites ..

Focus Cave Suites is located in Chafushin Village, which means that it is only 2 miles away from downtown Göreme and the famous Göreme Open Air Museum. And although the rooms are equipped with comfortable amenities, the atmosphere of the past still prevails, and this adds a lot of appeals to staying in Cappadocia, including a large balcony that offers stunning views of the landscape, which includes the area’s fairy chimneys and rock formations.
You can enjoy a buffet breakfast featuring local products at this hotel, or you can end the day by choosing one of the traditional Turkish drinks.

ronin tourism -Phocas Cave Suites

ronin tourism -Phocas Cave Suites

2) Museum Hotel (Türkiye Uchisar) ..

Head to Uchisar to experience staying at the magnificent Museum Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel that is like spending the night in one of the best museums in the world. There are stone and cave units in the restored historical ruins, and the decor in some rooms features priceless antiques.
The heated outdoor pool is one of the best facilities, and the terrace is a favorite place to take part in Turkish cooking lessons.

ronin tourism -Museum-Hotel-Uchisar

ronin tourism -Museum-Hotel-Uchisar

3) Travelers Cave .. 

If you want to stay in the heart of Goreme, you can enjoy a stay at Travelers Cave, where the rooms are built of stone or carved into the rocks amid the most beautiful scenery, and the arched walls remind you of the amazing caves in this part of the world.
Rooms at this hotel are elegantly appointed with traditional decor as well as modern amenities such as a flat-screen TV. The terrace restaurant is the best spot in the hotel, with views of the fairy chimneys. The tour desk can help you book hot air balloon rides or excursions.

ronin tourism - Travellers-Cave-Hotel

ronin tourism – Travellers-Cave-Hotel

4) Cappadocia Cave Suites.. 

Step back into Cappadocia’s rich past with a stay at the magnificent Cappadocia Cave Suites. Centrally located in Gourme, this hotel is set in ancient caves and has a wonderful medieval atmosphere. However, all suites are luxuriously appointed and some offer living rooms and private fireplaces.
And at the hotel’s restaurant, Historia, you can eat a fine selection of local Turkish dishes as well as some international dishes.

ronin tourism - cappadocia cave suites hotel

ronin tourism – cappadocia cave suites hotel


5) Klebek Special Cave Hotel..

Overlooking Goreme, Klebek Special Café Hotel offers great views and the perfect opportunity to experience traditional Cappadocia life. The Turkish bath, sauna, and outdoor pool provide excellent opportunities for relaxation and recreation.
The hotel uses stone and wood as well as local textiles to form an authentic, traditional style. Many suites offer fireplaces and even private balconies, bringing the beauty of Cappadocia to your room.

ronin tourism - klebek

ronin tourism – klebek

6) Kayakapi Premium Caves Cappadocia .. 

Kayakapi Premium Caves Cappadocia is only a few kilometers away from major attractions such as the Zulfi Open Air Museum, and here you will be able to stay in medieval rooms carved directly from the rocks of the landscape.
The hotel rooms are elegantly decorated, and you can expect to find plenty of great features, including ornate stone murals, hand-carved furniture, and even private bathrooms in some of the largest suites. You’ll also have access to an outdoor pool as well as visit two on-site restaurants, not to mention an enormous selection of local cuisine.

ronin tourism - Kayakapi Premium Caves

ronin tourism – Kayakapi Premium Caves

7) Terra Cave Hotel.. 

Terra Cave Hotel in Gourme is located in a cave dwelling that dates back to the 19th century. Staying in this hotel may put you in touch with many people who have lived in the Cappadocian Caves for centuries.
Despite your connection to the country’s past, Terra Cave Hotel provides modern comforts. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi while sitting near the fire. In addition, you can arrange a horseback riding tour or eat the extensive breakfast buffet that is served every morning to guests.

ronin tourism – Terra Cave Hotel.


8) Yunak Evleri Cappadocia hotels.. 

Many cave hotels in Cappadocia have a rich history, but few can compete with Yunak Evleri Cappadocia hotels. This hotel dates back to the 5th century and also houses a 19th-century Greek palace. You will have the opportunity to choose rooms in both buildings.
Handcrafted furnishings and marble bathrooms are some of the high-end touches you can expect at the property, with the privileged location a 5-minute walk from Goreme National Historical Park, where you can walk, ride horses, and explore the stunning landscapes that Cappadocia is famous for.

ronin tourism - Yunak Evleri

ronin tourism – Yunak Evleri


9) Artemis Cave Suites ..

Goreme is the home of Artemis Cave Suites, which features gorgeous rooms, with its own garden and terraces galore. At night, lights illuminate the scene with gorgeous fairy chimneys.
The hotel staff can help you make the most of your time in Cappadocia, whether that means booking a horseback riding tour or a cycling adventure through stunning rock formations.

ronin tourism - Artemis Cave Suites

ronin tourism – Artemis Cave Suites


10) Sultan Cave Suites Hotels.. 

Sultan Cave Suites is located at the top of Aydinli Hill, which means that guests enjoy panoramic views of Goreme below.
Carved out of stone, rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi and deluxe shower facilities. You can also enjoy hot air balloon rides or step out onto your private balcony to watch the sunset over the cave dwellings of Gourme.

ronin tourism -Sultan Cave Suites Hotels

ronin tourism -Sultan Cave Suites Hotels

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