Princesses island

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The island of the Princesses, a group of islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara in Istanbul.

Label the island:

The island of princesses was named after the Byzantines, who were deported to this place in the Byzantine era. Later, this island became a special resort for the Ottoman Empire at the time, because it is characterized by its uniqueness unique to other islands, Far from the main center of Istanbul.

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Number of islands:

The Island of Princesses consists of nine islands, and the ferry stops on four islands. It is characterized by a regular and daily journey, one of the islands visited by large numbers of tourists in the summer, estimated at 100,000 visitors annually, because visitors want to spend time on Holidays and vacations in such islands, in order to get rest and relaxation, away from the hot and disturbing atmosphere in the city.

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Features of the island:

The island of Princesses is characterized by its natural landscapes, as well as mobility, through several means, including horse-drawn vehicles, aerobics, and small-size motorcycles, all of which made it a tourist attraction that attracts large numbers of tourists, who want to get Have fun in this wonderful place.

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The names of the islands:

  • Büyükada
  • Heybeliada
  • Burgazada
  •  Kınalıada
  •  Sedef Adası
  • Yassıada
  •  Sivri Ada
  •  Kaşık Adası
  • Tavşan Adası


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