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Ayder Yaylası

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The Turkish village of Ayder Yaylası is located on a green plateau of Reza State in northern Turkey, attracting many tourists from all over the world when visiting Turkey and enjoying scenic views. The Turkish village of Eder has large areas of farms and dense forests.

It is also characterized by the presence of lush trees such as beeches and fir trees, as well as the magnificent waterfalls that fascinate tourists, gardens, and beautiful gardens. The village of Eder is surrounded by Turkish valleys, plains, and high mountains, which give the village splendor and beauty.

Best activities to do in the Turkish village of Eder

  • It is possible to go to the bathrooms of the warm Eider for recreation and to treat some diseases such as rheumatism and skin diseases, which are known since ancient times for tourists.
  • In the village of Eider, there are sulfur baths with health benefits to the body, where there are bathrooms for men and bathrooms for women
  • You can go to the river connecting Trabzon-Eder for kayaking.
  • It is also famous for the best types of honey in Turkey, where there are many shops selling honey in front of farms and on the roads.
  • Walk around this wonderful village and enjoy the beautiful views it contains and enjoy watching the waterfalls, farms, and wonderful trees
  • You can go to the mountains and valleys, which give this village a spectacular view, especially the beautiful Bosheng area, which dazzles visitors with a green dress worn by this region

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