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Trip to Ayder and Riza in Trabzon where beauty and natural

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Trip to Ayder and Riza in Trabzon where beauty and natural

Daily Tour

Dear guests, we will take you to our car which will depart in front of our Tourism Office at
09.00 in the morning and start our Ayder tour. Along the route, we first have the chance to
see the famous Sürmene Blades, and then enjoy the coolness created by the Eskitoğlu
waterfall, which is poured in two steps from a height of approximately 80 meters just
before entering the city of Rize. After a small photographic break, we take a break at the
famous Rize cloth factory. Here, the Black Sea-specific monk-pushi-peshtemal and so on.
we find the opportunity to visit the workshop where the products are made. In addition,
towels-bed linen-sweat-free shirts, and so on. We find the opportunity to shop for
products. After our break, we take a tea and photo break in the rafting area on Fırtına
Creek. Our guests can join the Zip-line activity where they can cross the rope over the
stream. Finally, all the shades of green nature, which offers us to Ayder'e and after taking
pictures of the waterfall Gelintülü water park in front of the restaurant and free time until
17:00 hours, you can enjoy your meal accompanied by Ayderin and the landscape. On the
way back, we end our tour by creating our last memories on the historic stone bridge.
Services included:
Transportation by private tour, National Park Entrance Fees
Excluding Services:
Lunch, Knife aisle in Sürmene (Shopping), Museum and Historical Site Entrance (fees)
Starting Points:

Trabzon: Front of Office Time: 09:00
Ayder: Time: 17:00

 . Always have a camera with the ability to take pictures; because you will not find
this magnificent view anywhere.
 Examine your program very well and prepare yourself.
Places to Visit:
1) Knife sales department in Sürmene
2) Eskitoglu Waterfall
3) Rize Cloth Sales Workshop
4) Fırtına Creek and Rafting Area
5) Historic Stone Bridge
6) Ayder Plateau

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