The Most Famous Markets In The City Of Mugla

مدينة موغلا - رونين للسياحة والسفر

The Most Famous Markets In The City Of Mugla

market of Mugla - ronin tourism

market of Mugla – ronin tourism

Turkey is famous for its many traditional markets ranging from the covered market and the Egyptian market, to the garden markets and large shopping malls, also famous markets for selling fresh products, such as cheese, olives, and herbs produced by Turkish villages, as well as Turkish handicrafts, carpets, etc., and markets are available in large cities; Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and also in the charming city of Mugla.

The city of Mugla is located in the south of Turkey and extends on the Aegean coast, the city rises about 660 meters from the surface of the earth, and the city of Mugla is 30 km from the coast of Gokova Bay in the south-west. Cliffs and plains, the city is famous for a number of markets offering various products whether fresh food or souvenirs and clothing.

1. Datça Pazarı Market:

Datsha, is among the popular villages, because of the high tourist demand and the town is famous for competitions held at beautiful resorts, and weekly markets such as Datsa Bazaar, the market is held on Saturday of each week, and the market can find a lot of organic products of vegetables and plants.

Also, the garden trees, which come directly from the fields to the market in a few hours, and the most popular foods that tourists are racing to buy, cinnamon bread, white almonds, mountain honey, and Turkish herbs, which you cannot find anywhere else, are of course wonderful souvenirs from Mugla.

Datça Pazarı, İskele Mahallesi, Vatan Caddesi, Datça, Muğla, Turkey

ronin tourism - Datça Pazarı Market

ronin tourism – Datça Pazarı Market

2. Ula Organik Pazarı Market:

The market is located in one of the lesser-known neighborhoods of Mugla, but this does not prevent tourists from visiting the market, due to the presence of historic houses, which overlook the beautiful bay. The market is held on Friday every week, and the market is dominated by the regional local character, you find fresh Turkish herbs, Dried vegetables.

As well as handmade textiles, straw, and wicker products, the most famous products in the organic garlic market, which is famous for being Mugla, prices in the market are reasonable, and sold in grams due to the high prices of herbs and spices.

Ula Organik Pazarı, Ayazkıyı Mahallesi, Pazar Meydanı Sk., 48640 Ula, Muğla, Turkey

Ula Organik Pazarı - ronin tourism

Ula Organik Pazarı – ronin tourism

3. Muğla Pazarı Market:

Some of the most popular markets within Mugla, the capital of Mugla, are also fresh food, herbs, and spices, a wide range of Aegean seaweed and seaweed, and the most famous products are red grapes, vine, melons, and tomatoes. Every Thursday, you also find a number of dried foods such as dried peppers, dried okra, eggplant, green olives, goat’s cheese, and olive oil, prices are reasonable, and various herbs can be purchased as souvenirs from Mugla market.

Muğla Pazarı, Şeyh Mahallesi,  Pazaryeri Sokak, Menteşe, Muğla, Turkey

Muğla-Pazarı- ronin tourism

Muğla-Pazarı- ronin tourism

4. Yalıkavak Pazarı Market:

Yalikavak market is located near the city of Bodrum, It is held on Thursday every week, and it is one of the old markets.

It is about 46 years old, and it is one of the favorite markets for tourists and local residents.

You can find fruits and vegetables grown in the province, spices, sweets, and dried fruit. A large section for textiles and accessories, toys and souvenirs, as well as homemade foods.

Yalıkavak Pazarı, Merkez, Tahsildar İbrahim Efendi Cd., 48990 Yalıkavak, Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey

Yalıkavak Pazarı- ronin tourism

Yalıkavak Pazarı- ronin tourism

5. Milas Pazari Market:

The neighborhoods of Hasselias and Gumusluk, with over 1,600 vendors on the market, offer goods weekly, pine features, extra virgin olives, and handmade carpets.

Milas Pazarı, Menteşe Caddesi, Milas, Muğla, Turkey

ronin tourism - mugla market

ronin tourism – mugla market

6. Marmaris Pazarı Market:

Although Marmaris is a large tourist resort, the weekly market has every Thursday, you will find on the market traditional homemade goods of pottery and carpets, as well as luxury honey Marmaris honey, which is called liquid gold, honey bee pollen, besides fresh produce.

Marmaris Pazarı, Kemeraltı Mahallesi, 91. Sk. No:10, 48700 Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

marmaris-bazaar - ronin tourism

marmaris-bazaar – ronin tourism

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